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We bring to the table a cannabis-focused creative team that includes a whole package of marketing brilliance - at a price that wont break the bank. 


Social Media Marketing

Strategic planning—Your business and Highve will work together to create a plan of action. Together, we’ll work towards success by understanding what makes your brand tick and, incorporating your vision, move forward using the advantages we provide.

Targeted growth—Let us transform your social media into an overnight success. We use tested methods to generate legitimate gains in your social media presence.

Complete Management— You and your team can rest easy every night knowing the Highve team will be handling posting, communication and growth.



Ad variant—Highve creates targeted campaigns through three means of Google advertisement, ensuring you the best possible outreach to your intended audience. We increase traffic for you through Search, Display and YouTube ads.


Landing page creation—Highve will take our field-tested method and apply your branding vision. We convert interest generated by your ads into real returns.



Daily optimization—We are, quite simply, the most successful at publishing online cannabis advertisements. Highve has generated consistent sales for clients through Google ads for two years and running.



We grow your accounts while garnering data which allows us to provide you with the insight that will make your marketing decisions not only effective, but progressively more effective. Working together with your brand, Highve can use the data that we gather to illuminate the next steps along your path to marketing success.


Data—Numbers and analysis that come from sources that you can trust. We provide digestible data for you each month so that you can observe increases in your sales and customer traffic.


Consulting— We provide direction toward your ideal audience using the results from your campaigns. Our goal is to give your business a competitive advantage by giving you insight into exactly who you should be targeting with your ads.


Collaboration—Once we have the data and the direction, the next step is to work together to deliver your tailored marketing vision to the people who will really interact with it.



We use a tried-and-true process to navigate your path to advertising success. Here’s what you can expect when you’re working with the Highve team


Let’s Meet—reach out to us at your convenience and we’ll set up a strategic planning meeting. Here we’ll talk about goals, direction, and your branding vision, and map out a timeline of successes

Achieving Goals—once we’ve established a course of action, we can quickly start working toward accomplishing what we set out to do—and beyond. We deliver proven results with the consistency that you need


Stress-free Success—sit back and watch your assets grow without lifting a finger. Our team has all of the tools to make your marketing strategies successful without any stress on your end

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